About Metro Truck

Are you based in Washington DC, Baltimore, or Northern Virginia? Do you need a truck, tractor, or trailer for your business? 

Whether you’re a local bakery or a large automotive manufacturer, we lease or rent you the right vehicles for your business. We help manage your fleet so you can focus your attention on your core business. 


Metro is a family business, delighted to be serving local businesses. 

The story of Metro Truck Leasing

How did a professional football player start a successful company in the truck rental and leasing industry?

When Joseph Aluise, Sr. retired from the Chicago Bears in 1970, Hertz Truck Rental hired him to represent the company. As many customers complained to him about high mileage charges, he decided to setup his own company and offer programs with zero mileage charges

In the early days, the company didn’t have a maintenance shop to repair trucks, and Joseph, Sr. drove around in his van to service trucks on-site. He was the first to offer this service; and customers loved it of course, because it reduced hassle and truck downtime

The company has grown year in, year out. And it now has two modern facilities for heavy maintenance and body repairs. But of course we continue to offer on-site maintenance, just like we still offer zero mileage charges.

Joseph, Jr.’s career at the company started when he was a young kid — his bedroom served as storage for truck parts. He had an oil drum as a table with a tablecloth to cover it.  

Joseph, Jr. became President of the company in 2007 and has continued to invest in the company to serve customers better.

Technicians now have, for instance, access to manufacturers’ diagnostic tools on their laptops, speeding up diagnosis and repairs. Moreover, this allows more repairs to be done on customer premises, improving truck uptime. 

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