Buying vs. Leasing Trucks

What is full-service leasing?

When you full-service lease a truck, you don’t have any capital outlay. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about service costs. All maintenance and repair costs are included in your lease contract. And all expenses are deductible.

The benefits of full-service leasing

Would you rather invest in your core business? Or in a fleet of vehicles?

Trucks are expensive. When you full-service lease your trucks, you gain a fleet of vehicles without any capital outlay, allowing you to invest in your core business and grow your company faster. When you lease your fleet, your expenses become deductible. And what’s more, your monthly costs become totally predictable.

Engine failure? Transmission problems? Emergency repairs? All repair and rebuilding costs are included in a full-service contract. And at Metro, we even offer contracts with no mileage charges. Budgeting for your fleet has never been easier.

Full-service leasing is suitable for companies who prefer to focus on their core business, while allowing experts to take care of their fleet.

For young and cost-conscious companies, Metro offers second-term leasing. Your monthly costs are lower because you lease a truck with high mileage. This makes it easier to pass a credit check, while you can still enjoy the benefits of full-service leasing.

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Owning your trucks with contract maintenance

Do you already own your trucks? Are they too new to liquidate?

Contract maintenance may be the right option for you. Unlike other companies, Metro Truck carries out contract maintenance for vehicles you already own. Your truck maintenance is taken care of by experts, and your fleet costs become predictable.

Whether you full-service lease your trucks from Metro or arrange a maintenance contract, we service your trucks at your location, saving you time and money.

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Sales and service

Looking for a pay-as-you-go option?

Metro Truck offers a fixed labor rate for companies that want to take advantage of our high-tech repair facilities.

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Not sure which option is right for you? We’d like to talk you through your options.

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