Truck leasing in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia

Our full-service leasing contracts include emergency roadside repairs and regular on-site maintenance.

From small vans for local deliveries to tractor trailers, we look after your trucks, so you can focus on your core business.

And because traffic in our metropolitan area is bad enough, we provide maintenance at your location to maximize truck uptime.

Less paperwork Less hassle Less frustration

Truck leasing

Leasing a truck reduces your upfront costs and allows you to outsource truck maintenance and record-keeping. Fueling services are also available.

Our lease contracts make your life easier:

  • No mileage charges so you can easily project your monthly costs
  • Pre-built, in-stock components to allow fast delivery of your new truck
  • Preferential rental rates to manage peak seasons and reduce costs
  • Custom painting, lettering, and logo to promote your brand

24-hr emergency services

In case of a roadside emergency, our nearest mechanic will interrupt his regular maintenance schedule to get your truck on the move as fast as possible:

  • 19 local service mechanics reduce emergency response time to less than 1 hour
  • Experienced mechanics ensure that 96% of breakdowns are repaired at roadside
  • Free-of-charge substitute trucks in the unlikely event that a truck can’t be repaired at roadside

On-site routine maintenance

Getting your trucks serviced can take precious time out of your trucker’s day. We offer on-site maintenance as a standard to save you time and money:

  • Strict maintenance schedule to prevent breakdowns
  • Maintenance at your premises to maximize truck uptime to deliver your products
  • Standardized parts inventory to avoid delays
  • Up-to-date diagnostics tools to keep engines and electrics in top-notch condition
  • Record-keeping to reduce hassle and support DOT audits
  • Automatic reminders to schedule a service

As part of Nationalease we offer access to emergency services across the USA.

Our team of trusted mechanics carries out all truck service work—from checking the tires to heavy maintenance. We don’t outsource. We take care of you and your trucks.

Do you need a light-duty van or heavy-haul truck? A 3.5-ton Isuzu or a tractor sleeper? A dry-freight or refrigerated truck? Or just a trailer?

Our vehicle fleet covers a wide selection of trucks.

Would you like to know how much money you could save by leasing from Metro?

Call us for advice or a no-obligation quote:

Beltsville: (301) 937-1910

Baltimore: (410) 792-4910

Not sure whether truck leasing is the right solution for you?

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