Truck maintenance and repair services

Washington DC, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia

Whether you’re leasing or owning your trucks, a maintenance contract with Metro keeps your fleet running smoothly.

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned our service schedule to maximize truck uptime while keeping costs down.

Our maintenance contracts include:

  • Regular servicing at your location to keep your trucks on the road
  • Fixed costs for all minor repairs so you can project your costs more easily
  • Roadside assistance by one of our own truck technicians — we don’t subcontract out to less experienced technicians
  • A truck in top-notch condition from our rental fleet in the unlikely event your truck can’t be repaired at roadside
  • Flexible contracts for one, two, or three years depending on your requirements and the current state of your vehicle
  • Record-keeping for DOT audits to save you hassle

For older trucks with high mileage, sales service is available at our shops in Washington DC and Baltimore.

Service leasing vs. contract maintenance

Do you own your trucks or lease them elsewhere? 

Contract maintenance provides you peace of mind.

Our experienced technicians keep your trucks, tractors, and vans on the road for a fixed monthly fee.

Maintenance contracts cover typical repairs such as air filter replacements, air-conditioning servicing, tire checks, and minor mechanical and electrical repairs. In contrast, when you lease a truck from Metro, major repairs such as replacement of engine components are included, too.

And of course, when you full-service lease a truck from Metro, you don’t require any capital investment, and we take care of buying and selling your vehicle.

Check out the details of our service lease agreements.

Not sure whether you should lease a new vehicle or keep your current vehicle on the road to save costs?

Call us now for a no-obligation quote and compare your options:

Beltsville (Main office): (301) 937-1910

Baltimore office: (410) 792-4910